5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Recruitment

If you’re a hiring manager or talent acquisition personnel, you are probably always trying to speed up your recruitment process. 

To help you with your efforts, we compiled 5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Recruitment: 

Write more accurate job descriptions

Although hiring managers want to fill vacancies as fast as possible in most cases, they should take the time to create complete job descriptions.  

A job description that accurately reflects the position along with preferred and critical requirements will help you pick the best candidates. You will spend less time interviewing, which leads to a faster hiring process. 

Simplify your hiring process

A quick and easy hiring process is just as crucial to candidates as to employers. So, cut out as many unnecessary steps as possible in your recruitment process. 

Refer to these questions when evaluating your hiring process:  

  • What does each step accomplish? 
  • What can we change in the job description or ad placement to remove some procedural steps? 
  • Which steps lead to bottlenecks? 

Create a pleasant interview experience

You should create a comfortable experience for top candidates when interviewing them. Here are some interview etiquettes that will help you retain candidates during the hiring process: 

  • Avoid having too many stakeholders in the process or decision 
  • Have a structure behind the questions you are asking 
  • Only ask questions that have a purpose and will help you gather insight 

Practise transparent communication

At the start of communication with candidates, be open and frequently communicate so that they know you have received their application and how long is the application process. You must also notify them the hiring process timeline, how long each step will possibly take and when they can expect to hear back.  

Transparent communication encourages candidates to stick around for the entire process, thus increasing your chance to hire top talents. 

Maintain a talent pool for future vacancies

Create a talent pool of past candidates by maintaining a positive relationship with your talents that have been screened, are qualified, and familiar with your company.  

Keeping these qualified candidates in your talent pool could save you time spent on sourcing for future vacancies.


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