Benefits of Prioritising Employee Experience

The pandemic’s impact on a competitive work environment has added to the complexity of talent management.   

We are in an era where organisations must re-evaluate their relationships with employees and take steps to modernise, reprioritise and reimagine the employee experience. Why the urgency? Let us look at the 4 Benefits of Prioritising Employee Experience: 

Lower Absenteeism Rates 

Workplace bureaucracy, managers who lack empathy and hectic schedules lead to workplace stress and low job satisfaction. Chronic stress can cause depression and insomnia, thus increasing the chances of employees calling in sick. 

Employers should hold dialogues with employees to improve their work environment. Open conversations help boost workplace motivation and create a happier workplace, resulting in lower rates of emergency and sick leaves. 

Improved Quality of Work 

According to renowned Harvard business academic Shawn Achor, happiness influences the quality of work more than IQ, training, and skill set factors.  

Employers can create a workplace with positive vibes by focusing on the overall employee experience. Employees who feel their needs are being met throughout their workplace journey are likely to focus more intently on improving their quality of work. 

Improved Talent Retention 

Business leaders and HR professionals can improve retention by taking a people-centred approach to enhance the employee experience. Employees tend to stay longer at a company if the experience throughout their life cycle is enjoyable and filled with career advancement opportunities. 

Many businesses opt for internal hiring and promotions to encourage better talent retention. However, employers must be aware that if the employee concerned has had a negative experience in their current position, it may influence their decision to pursue a promotion. 

Enhanced Customer Relations 

Happy employees are likely to be more effective in customer engagement. By prioritising the employee experience, businesses ensure that customers constantly interact with approachable and dedicated employees. 

Disgruntled employees might pass on their resentment to customers directly, tarnishing their employer’s business reputation and the company’s overall performance.


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