Developing Employees’ Communication Skills

Hard skills are the basic requirement to get the job done, but soft skills give you the competitive edge that leads to excellent results.  

Among all soft skills, communication stands out as one of the most vital. Here are 5 Ways of Developing Employees’ Communication Skills 

Connect the Dots for Employees 

Show employees why communication training is crucial and explain how it will help them attain a higher salary, a promotion or other career progression. Then, link soft skills training to your organisation’s key metrics, connecting employees’ learning and development to their objectives and performance reviews. 

Enable Microlearning in the Flow of Work 

By incorporating microlearning into their daily work, employees easily access the specific information they need.  

For example, they can use microlearning to sharpen their presentation skills before meeting or brush up on intercultural communication before a trip abroad. Microlearning keeps employees engaged and on track with their self-improvement. 

Encourage Employee Mentorship 

Employers can create opportunities for employees to learn and develop communication skills by utilising mentorship programmes. Experienced employees can provide guidance to other colleagues.  

As organisations are increasingly working with tighter budgets in a competitive environment, a mentorship programme is a cost-effective way to benefit from the communication skills of the entire organisation. 

Give Regular Feedback and Coaching 

When it comes to communication, many employees may require assistance in identifying areas of improvement. Feedback can help with this by giving positive and constructive comments to the employees regarding their communication skills. 

Additionally, leveraging 360-degree feedback can provide a more comprehensive view of an employee’s strengths and weaknesses in communication. 

Nurture a Continuous Learning Culture

Constructing a team of better communicators starts with a workplace that stimulates open communication and the exchange of ideas. One practical way to put this into effect is to urge managers to spend 10 minutes in their weekly staff meeting to discuss a distinct communication subject.


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