Managing Employee Experience

Many elements affect employee experience at the workplace. Hence, employers looking to improve their employee experience management should always monitor these factors and take action when necessary. 

According to TG Group’s survey, collaborative spirit is the factor that makes the biggest impact on a team, said 44% of respondents in Singapore. Besides, almost all respondents in Malaysia and Thailand hold the same view. 

Hong Kong respondents were split 50:50 between role clarity and emotional security as the most significant factor that drives their team. 

It is no surprise that teamwork has a strong influence on employees. So, companies should review their work processes to encourage collaboration within a team and even across departments. The interaction allows colleagues to learn from each other and achieve development as a team. 

Besides knowing the factors, employers should also track employee job satisfaction which is the outcome of an organisation’s employee experience.  

Job Satisfaction Has Much Space for Improvement 

Forty-eight per cent of online poll respondents in Singapore have a job that satisfies their personal and professional goals, but another 29% don’t. Besides, 23% of Singapore respondents think they will have a job that meets their goals in the future. 

In neighbouring Malaysia, only 33% of respondents have a career that meets their personal and professional expectations compared to 20% that doesn’t. Another 47% are hopeful of having a job that meets their personal and professional expectations.  

Keeping track of employees’ job satisfaction is necessary, but employers must also take the initiative to increase happiness in the workplace. 

Out of the respondents in Singapore, 57% respect work and life boundaries, 22% engage in employee interaction with a personal touch, and 17% states being authentic as vital.  

In Malaysia, 62% of employers say they respect work and life boundaries, 23% have a personal touch when communicating with employees, and 15% are authentic to employees.


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