Soft Skill Combos You Need to Land That Dream Job

We are losing human touch amid the rapid digital transformation and uncertain post-pandemic market conditions. Now is the time when the importance and need for soft skills are under the spotlight, pushing employers to focus more on candidates’ soft skills while hiring.  

In this article, let us look at the Top 5 Soft Skill Combos Employers Look For, as indicated by a global survey on the employment outlook for Q3 2022. We’ve included ways to improve these skills as well. 


Reliability and Self-Discipline  

Self-discipline is your ability to drive forward, stay motivated, and walk the talk. A well-disciplined employee is more reliable in the eyes of the employer.  

To develop your self-discipline, choose a goal and find the motivation for it. Then, identify the challenges, replace bad habits, and monitor your progress. Self-discipline is an essential quality that differentiates successful people and those who are not. 

Adaptability and Resilience 

In short, adaptability is a skill that shows you can handle anything that comes your way. Employers look for this attribute when they consider you for promotion or to develop you as a leader.  

Train your adaptability skill by embracing change, keeping an open mind, setting aside your ego, practising mindfulness, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Being more adaptable will also build up your resilience. 

Intuition and Problem-Solving  

According to psychiatric expert Dr Judith Orloff, intuition is a non-linear knowledge – part of your subconscious that enables more effective and faster decisions. It also helps you to be more confident when solving problems. 

Strengthen your intuition by meditating, following your gut feeling, making a note of your dreams, and engaging in creative activities like drawing and writing poems.  

Creativity and Originality 

Originality is highly treasured in this digital age, which is “flooded” with imitations. Modern companies highly appreciate creative talents because they contribute new perspectives that add value to the team.  

A spark of creativity may develop into a ground-breaking technology or industry-leading service that can be patented. Brainstorm new ideas with the team, do something you’re passionate about, find your purpose, and fight the fear of failure to nurture your creativity. 

Critical Thinking and Analysis 

Critical thinking requires strong analytical skills. It’s a process of examining facts, evidence, observations, and arguments to form better, more informed solutions. Besides, it helps you evaluate your own decisions.  

So, how can you train yourself to think critically?  

First, identify your goal and gather reliable information. Then, ask the right questions and consider the short- and long-term consequences. Last but not least, explore all sides before coming to any conclusions.


Looking for a job or open to new opportunities? Whether you’re writing your resume or preparing for an interview, make it more effective by highlighting your soft skill combos. 

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