TG Singapore Expands Permanent Hire Solutions with New Search Division

Singapore, 4 July, 2024 – TG Singapore has expanded its workforce solutions by introducing the Search division, a permanent recruitment solution focused on skills-based hiring. This expansion responds to the growing demand for skills-based hiring in Singapore and clients’ increasing need for comprehensive search for talent and skills as their businesses grow.

“Skills-based hiring includes both technical and soft skills; it takes into account the whole person. This shift from credential-based to skills-based hiring has been a growing need in Singapore, and we’re looking forward to supporting Singapore’s workforce with skilled talent through our Search division,” shares Low Xin Pei, General Manager of TG Singapore.

As the Singapore economy grows and transforms, so does the requirement to support its workforce, encouraging recruitment practices to become more flexible and for organizations to be more dynamic in their hiring strategies.

The Search division will be led by Mathew Wong, and immediate industry focuses will include Consumer & Lifestyle, Supply Chain Management, Technology, and Engineering, all industries that have been significantly impacted by the rapid pace of digitalization and supply and demand.

By focusing on skills-based hiring, Search division will help companies gain access to new talent pools which will help companies fill technical as well as non-technical roles by focusing on underlying skills. Skills-based hiring involves evaluating candidates based on specific skills relevant to the job role rather than traditional qualifications. (SkillsFuture Singapore, 2024).

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023, a significant majority of cybersecurity experts (93%) and business leaders (86%) anticipate that geopolitical instability worldwide is likely to cause critical cyberattacks within the next two years, highlighting the urgent need for specialized cybersecurity expertise This in turn has highlighted the need for specialist skills across Cybersecurity as well as other industries within technology.

“Tech skills, including cybersecurity, are critical in today’s job market. Companies are now seeing not only do they need provisions to protect their company data but they also need to transform in order to remain competitive.” Shares Mathew Wong, Associate Director of TG Singapore. “We have big plans for our team expansion and are looking forward to supporting existing clients in their growth and helping candidates with transferable skills expand their career opportunities.”

Since 2015, TG Singapore has been renowned for supporting clients throughout the region with strategic growth, back-end support, and international staffing requirements. The business’ comprehensive staffing solutions include:

  • Contract Staffing Solutions
  • Permanent Hiring
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Global Employer of Record Solutions
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Payroll Process Outsourcing

The team within the Search division collectively hold over 60 years of global recruitment experience and industry expertise. With intentions to broaden their industry focus further, the Search division is currently hiring to support these future plans.

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