Why You Should Work With Offshore Technical Teams

The world as we know is changing rapidly. One of the key accelerants has been the global pandemic. It has disrupted norms and spurred digital transformation in many companies. According to a study by Pew Research Center, 915 innovators, developers, business and policy leaders, researchers and activists believe that people’s relationship with technology will deepen as reliance on digital connections for work across various industries for daily commercial transactions and essential social interactions increases.

Digitisation is no longer optional but essential

In this age of digitisation, there are plenty of opportunities, resources and partners available to make digitisation work for companies. If the company does not have an in-house team with technical expertise, it would be wise to look for external help from experts in the field. The good news is that the world is your oyster, outsourcing technological work is borderless and companies have a wide array of options to evaluate and match their budget.

Offshore talents — the ultimate solution

A hiring solution that offers the best of both worlds, engaging offshore developers allows companies to retain control over projects and still keep costs low. Sourcing can be made simple. TG enables businesses to hire offshore talents with capabilities in .net, PHP, Python, IOS, Android, Java, MEAN, MERN, Node.js, Laravel, WordPress, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Cloud Skill, Testing Skills, AI & Machine Learning Skills as well as Project Management Skills.


Benefits of offshore hiring with TG

1. Shortened development time

Reducing time to market is critical. Competition is high for every business out there, especially when advanced technology is now at the tip of everyone’s hands. In-house development requires an extensive hiring process for software developers and in-depth research on the right tools for development, which will extend the timeline. TG takes on the laborious process of sourcing the best talents so that companies can access the talents they need as quickly as possible.

2. Maximised efficiency

Software development require a lot of time and resources. There has to be full focus from the ideation stage to the deployment stage in order to get it running. TG dedicates offshore talent management for development of software projects. This frees precious man-hours in the company to focus on other corporate agendas, streamlining internal workflows.

3. Cost-saving

Working with TG’s offshore developers allows companies to work with talented software engineers while keeping within the budget.

4. Flexibility

Software development projects would have various requirements. TG offers flexible contractual working arrangements depending on the projects companies are looking to pursue.

Working with TG allows companies to reap all the aforementioned benefits while staying focused on digitalisation. Let TG take care of your offshore hiring needs so that you can keep doing what you do best.

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